Remote Consultations & Invesment

2020 has been a challenging year.

To better support our clients during the pandemic, we’ve invested in remote consultations and inspections, such as using mobile video calls. We also created and supplied a range of support materials, such as videos and PDFs, for our Clients and Distributors.

Continued Air System R&D

Despite the challenging landscape, during 2020 we continued to focus on product improvement and research and development – focussing on our commitment to low energy, sustainability and environmental concerns.

This included the launch of our Truck Blow-Off System (TBOS), created in line with Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) guidance. TBOS gives the plastics and logistics industry an easy to install and run, automatic, powerful system that removes 95%+ of all plastic nurdles from transport.

Part of the testing stage of TBOS included an exciting collaboration with Cranfield’s University Centre for Propulsion Engineering where we used their state of the art facilities to test our Air Devices under a range of conditions, in particular our SV10 nozzles, which surpassed even our expectations!

MultiPack Drying System Launch

As well as TBOS, we also launched MultiPack, a compact, adaptable Turnkey Air Knife system designed for the food and drink industry, that can be easily added in or swapped out of production lines. With MultiPack, we focused on eliminating contamination, using a sound-proof and leak-proof enclosure, that runs more efficiently than compressed air systems.

Online & Global Expansion Planned For 2021

We plan to continue to grow our online and digital resources in 2021. This includes more online resources, videos and information packs. We will also continue to develop our global operations, including our expansion into Asia and South America, dedicating part of our R&D to adaptable and flexible Air Solutions that can work with existing facilities, whilst reducing energy usage and costs.

Thank You

We would like to thank all our Staff and Distributors for their hard work and dedication across this year in what has been a very difficult working environment for everyone.

We wish all our Clients, Distributors and Staff a peaceful and successful 2021.