Blower Enclosures

Protected environments to extend the life of your blower.

Blower Enclosures

Protected environments to extend the life of your blower.

Industrial Blower Enclosures

Constructed for a wide range of Industrial Applications,
our robust blower enclosures offer:

  • Extended life for your blowers resulting from operating within a protected environment.
  • FDA Compliant 304 stainless steel construction suitable for sanitary environments.
  • High-performance hydrophobic inlet air pre-filter grade M5 filters.
  • Noise reduction through acoustic insulation, delivering low and high-frequency sound absorption/sound reduction and lowering sound pressure levels at critical frequencies.
  • Easy accessibility to the blower, as required for maintenance.

Key System Design Features Include

  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction
    Ideal for harsh, corrosive, wash-down or sanitary environments
  • High-Performance Grade M5 Filters
    Eliminates dust and other contamination from your blower.
  • 45mm High-Quality Acoustic Insulation
    Reduces noise pollution and limits sound transmission in occupied spaces.

Compatible Blower Models

All our enclosures are compatible with our full range of Paxton XT, AT & PX Series blowers.

Download our PDF for technical details

Optional – Extended Base Enhancement

Our optional extended bases are suitable for industry-standard
sanitary environments.

Key design features include:

  • Improved hygiene through easy access for cleaning.
  • Elevates equipment away from wet floors enabling safe and easy wash-down of the area.
  • Adjustable feet enable precise levelling of equipment.
  • FDA Compliant 304 Stainless Steel Construction suitable for harsh, corrosive, wash-down or sanitary environments.
  • Ideal for food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry applications.

Food & Beverage Blower Sound Enclosures

Protect the blower in harsh, corrosive and wet environments whilst providing significant sound abatement.

  • Simplifies blower installation.
  • Strong polypropylene enclosure.
  • Oversized, clear Lexan, access doors for easy servicing.
  • Quick removal, reusable mesh pre-filters.
  • Durable stainless steel base-frame.

Industrial Blower Enclosures

Constructed for Industrial Applications these robust blower enclosures offer a wide range of benefits.

  • Extends the life of the blower as it operates within a protected environment.
  • Quieter Operation – acoustic insulation delivers low and high-frequency sound
    absorption and sound reduction, both lowering sound pressure levels at critical
    frequencies and limiting sound transmission into occupied spaces.
  • Versatile design offering Top, Bottom and Side Blower outlet positions.
  • Full and easy access to the blower for maintenance.
  • Choice of two footprint designs.

Want more details on our blower enclosures?

To discuss options for your business, or for any queries on our range of enclosures, please call us, email us at, or contact us now and one of our team will be in touch within 24 hours.

Benefits of a SolvAir Air Knife System

Improved production line performance, low maintenance, energy and cost-saving Air Knife Systems that can be easily added onto production lines and adapted to meet your needs. All SolvAir Air Knife systems uniquely provide the following key benefits:

3 Year Warranty

Industry-leading 3 year warranty is included as standard on all our energy-efficient, enhanced performance, cost-saving Air Knife Blowers.

100% Performance Guarantee

We offer a 100% Performance Guarantee for all SolvAir Air Knife Systems. This means that you can be sure your System is running to the highest performance.

33% Energy Reductions

Our Air Knife Systems use 80% less energy than compressed air systems and will give you around 33% cost savings compared to competing systems.