MultiPack Drying System

Highly effective drying, blow-off and liquid control for food packaging processes

MultiPack Drying System

Highly effective drying, blow-off and liquid control for food packaging processes
Eliminate contamination and waste with MultiPack - an easy to install, low cost, effective drying system designed for the food industry

Drying, blow-off & liquid control for food packaging

The SolvAir MultiPack Drying System provides drying, blow-off and liquid control for packaging.

Designed and built for the food industry, the MultiPack can be easily added in or swapped out of production lines, prevents contamination with its sound-proof and leak-proof water enclosure, and can run continuously with greater efficiency than compressed air.

Efficient drying means a reduction in returned or rejected produce as a result of moisture contamination, as well as less cleaning downtime and low running costs.

Key Features

  • Eliminates water contamination during food package processing.
  • Designed to meet the highest standards of performance, user comfort, hygiene and noise control.
  • Easily integrates into new and existing production lines.
  • Works with a wide range of plastic, foil, cardboard and pouch (DOY) packaging.


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MultiPack Drying System Overview

a) System Blower

Paxton ultra high-performance blowers provide efficient airflow and low running costs.

b) Conveyor Belt

Comes with a built-in conveyor belt, or can be installed onto existing conveyor belts, so can run continuously.

c) Drip Tray

Stops water from leaving the system and prevents contamination of the production area.

d) Invertor

Full inverter available for total energy efficiency, enabling the moderation of speed/energy usage.

e) Air Knives Top & Bottom

Air knives provide air flow from all directions, ensuring drying, blow-off and cleaning for a variety of objects. An integrated mounting and adjustment system enables easy configuration for different sized/ shaped packaging.

Paxton High Efficiency Blowers

Paxton blowers provide greater airflow at lower blower speeds, creating efficient and low cost drying systems for the food industry.

Constructed with the highest quality parts and held to the strictest standards, every Paxton blower undergoes comprehensive performance, vibration and noise testing before leaving the factory.

Our unrivalled reliability is illustrated by our industry leading 3-Year Warranty.

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