Case Studies

Sample Case Studies for a wide range of Air Knife & Drying System industry use cases

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Case Studies

Sample Case Studies for a wide range of Air Knife & Drying System industry use cases

View all our case studies

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With thousands of happy customers, our unique 3 Year Warranty and a 100% Performance Guarantee, you can be sure your SolvAir Air Knife System will run to the highest performance and provide incredible long-term ROI.

Area of Application All Food & Beverage Industrial & Electronics Automotive & Aerospace Rubber & Plastics

Train Drying System

SolvAir were approached by Rail Operators on the East Coast of England looking for an Air Knife System solution that would work with a washing system to improve the quality and reliability of their trains across four seasons of weather. The Operators wanted in particular to minimise disruption when temperatures dropped below freezing, as for example this could result in door seals freezing.

Saica Food Packaging Manufacturer

SolvAir were contacted by Saica who were experiencing downtime in their production facility through waste material not being effectively removed and blocking their system. We worked with them to devise a new blower system that was added to their new BOBST Rotary Die Cutter machine within their existing facility.

Bespoke Air Knife System

In 2018, SolvAir worked with a French culinary herb producer to design, build and install a fully-bespoke dual-use Air Knife drying system. This new system meant that our client could now process different products on the same production line, which saved them considerable time, space and money when compared to using multiple drying systems.

Alcoa Aluminium Dryer

We worked with a client whose operations were suffering as a result of ineffective water removal, high levels of noise and high levels of energy usage on their production line.

Shrink Sleeve Application

Drying system for bottles exiting a steam tunnel on a shrink sleeve process.

Plastic Car Part Finishing

Drying system for car parts following washing process.

Packing Strap Manufacturer

Drying system for extruded packing strap

German Car Manufacturer

Drying system for car body shell

Electronic Components Manufacturing

Drying system for mobile antenna parts after rinsing process

Ceramic Tile Production

Used compressed air supply and curtain transvectors. High energy costs and compressed air contains oil which stains the tiles.

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Benefits of a SolvAir Air Knife System

Improved production line performance, low maintenance, energy and cost-saving Air Knife Systems that can be easily added onto production lines and adapted to meet your needs. All SolvAir Air Knife systems uniquely provide the following key benefits:

3 Year Warranty

Industry-leading 3 year warranty is included as standard on all our energy-efficient, enhanced performance, cost-saving Air Knife Blowers.

100% Performance Guarantee

We offer a 100% Performance Guarantee for all SolvAir Air Knife Systems. This means that you can be sure your System is running to the highest performance.

33% Energy Reductions

Our Air Knife Systems use 80% less energy than compressed air systems and will give you around 33% cost savings compared to competing systems.