Automobile drying, cleaning and blow-off solutions

Air Knife Systems provide automobile manufacturers and suppliers with fast, adaptable and cost-saving drying, cleaning and blow-off solutions for their production lines.

Air Knife Systems provide applications for a range of objects, including drying car/truck bodies, process drying camshafts, engine blocks, clutch plates, removing static from automotive trim and drying rubber tyre extrusions and plastic trim.

Air Knife Systems Benefits for Automobile Production Lines

Air Knife Systems provide a full range of benefits for automobile production lines, including:

  • Energy-efficient water removal
  • Effective air cooling with minimal waiting times
  • Drying for all automobile parts, from car body to the engine
  • Cleaning and static removal from electronics components and small parts
  • Ionised air removes static and prevents dust and debris from sticking
  • Effective surface preparation for all stages of the production line process, including pre and post paintwork, that ensures quality therefore minimising the need for re-paints

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High-quality Surface Preparation

Air Knife Systems generate high-velocity air streams that remove 99%+ of moisture, dust and debris, even in hard to reach areas, eliminating the need for costly re-paint jobs.

Air Knife Systems provide ionised air, removing static from parts. This ensures that objects such as automotive trim leave the production line with 99%+ of dust and debris removed.

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