Vehicle Blowing Systems

Fully automatic energy-
saving, vehicle blowing systems

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Vehicle Blowing Systems

Fully automatic energy-saving, vehicle blowing systems

Effective, Energy-Efficient Vehicle Blowing Systems

Fully autonomous our Vehicle Blowing Systems remove 90%+ of plastic pellets, water and other debris. Provides easy integration onto existing setups with no business interruption in installation or use.

Truck Blow-Off System (TBOS)

TBOS enables businesses to easily fulfil their environmental responsibilities, fully meeting Operation Clean Sweep® (OCS), as well as complying with current as well as potential best practice guidelines.

  • Meets environmental responsibilities, including those set out in
    Operation Clean Sweep® (OCS).
  • Easy to install and run, designed to result in no disruption to
    business or on-site operations.
  • Fully automatic, energy-saving, and requires no additional resources such as water or manpower.
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Train Drying System

Our Train Drying System is a compact, low maintenance, all-weather, powerful drying system that fully removes water from the surface of passing trains and carriages.

  • Removes all water – trains departing the system are fully cleaned and dried without risk of icing and/or water staining.
  • Low maintenance, fully automatic operation with completely unmanned cleaning areas.
  • Robust blower enclosures offer protection from all elements and are able to effectively and efficiently run in all types of weather.
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Highly Effective Blow-Off • Plastic Pellet & Dust Removal • Water Blow-Off • Drying

Key System Features

Featuring intelligent design and high-quality components, our vehicle blowing systems are fully automatic and easy to maintain, ensuring low cost of ownership and less risk of downtime impacting negatively on the operational efficiency of your fleet.

Easy To Install, Maintain & Run

Our systems save energy and time, effortlessly removing debris and spillage from vehicle surfaces. With seamless integration with existing sites, totally removing the need for manual cleaning or drying efforts, and ensuring hassle-free operation.

Removes 90% of Water or Debris

Precision-profiled air devices are carefully configured to create maximum air flow over all parts of the vehicle. This ensures that 90%+ of water or debris is efficiently removed from the entire surface of the bodywork.

Highly Energy-Efficient

Energy efficiency is at the heart of the design for our vehicle blowing systems. Centrifugal blowers can achieve high levels of performance at much lower pressure ratings than compressed air devices and offer running costs at up to 12 times cheaper.

Bespoke Solutions

Need a tailor-made blow-off or drying solution?

All our systems are modular, using a range of reliable, high-performance products which can be adapted to a variety of applications.

If you can’t find the right set-up for your blow-off or drying needs on this website, we’ll be happy to discuss a bespoke solution. We’ll work closely with you to review your operational processes, understand your objectives and propose a practical, cost-effective system.

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Vehicle Blow-Off System Components

We’re experts in the specification and installation of blow-off and drying systems for the transport sector. Each system features a set of high-quality components.

PX Series Blowers

Energy-efficient, belt-driven centrifugal blowers which deliver exceptionally high levels of performance and reliability.

Air Knives & Manifolds

Durable, robust and aerodynamically designed, our air devices deliver high velocity air to the targeted area. They’re fully adjustable and have a good working range.

Blower Enclosures

Constructed from high-grade stainless steel our purpose-built blower enclosures provide noise reduction and excellent protection from the elements.

Electrical Controls

Easily installed, electrical controls provide both automated operation and fingertip control of your system.

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