PowerDry™ System

Replace Costly Compressed Air Blow-Offs

PowerDry™ System

Replace Costly Compressed Air Blow-Offs

Versatile & Effective PowerDry™ System

Complete Packaged Drying System Offers Energy Savings

Paxton Products introduced the PowerDry™ system in response to their customer demands to lower energy costs through reduced compressed air usage. The affordable system was designed as an easy-to-install replacement for plastic comb or fan nozzles, air jets, disk nozzles, drilled pipe, and other common pneumatic blow-off devices. The versatile system generates high-velocity airflows for effective debris and moisture removal.

Its washdown-capable design is perfectly suited for food, beverage and packaging operations, such as container drying prior to date coding, sealing, labelling, packaging, etc.

In addition to its mainstream applications, the PowerDry™ is quite versatile and can be put to use for spot drying & cleaning in manufacturing processes across all industries.

As a blower-driven alternative to compressed air, the patent pending PowerDry™ system eliminates potential contamination from oils and scale in the compressed air supply.

The compact PowerDry™ system incorporates a high-performance Paxton centrifugal blower that develops maximum airflow and pressure from a small, 2.2kw motor. An FDA compliant hose carries the airflow to a unique 6-nozzle air tube that delivers successive hits of high impact air. A fully adjustable, stainless steel, mounting arm holds the air tube securely in place.

Field tests showed the PowerDry™ system returned an average 80+% savings in energy costs while providing comparable or improved drying in every application. Depending on operating hours, the return on investment from energy savings is often less than a year.

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