Train Drying System

Low-maintenance, all-weather solution for 100% water removal

Train Drying System

Low-maintenance, all-weather solution for 100% water removal

Highly effective train drying, even in sub-zero temperatures

The SolvAir Train Drying System is a powerful Air Knife blow-off solution, positioned at the exit point of a train carriage washing station. Integrating seamlessly with the train washing system, it can fully remove water from the surface of passing trains and carriages.

Powerful, yet compact and energy-efficient

The drying system is driven by two AT1200 15kW centrifugal blowers. These industry-leading devices are highly efficient and designed specifically for drying and blow-off applications. The result is a compact yet powerful drying system that delivers exceptional energy efficiency.

Even with substantial amounts of water on the surface of the train as it exits the wash station, the system effectively removes moisture using the powerful airstream from its series of Air Nozzles. Trains departing the system are cleaned and dried without risk of icing and/or water staining.

  • Easy to install and run, designed to result in no disruption to business or on-site operations.
  • Fully automatic, energy-saving, and requires no additional resources such as heating or manpower.
  • Environmentally friendly train drying systems

A reliable, low-maintenance solution

Fully autonomous system, designed to seamlessly integrate into existing sites, with zero impact to on-site logistics.

The simple design includes an electric motor and high-speed turbocharger connected by a belt drive. With low maintenance, the annual servicing is limited to the drive belt and air inlet filter only. The reliability of the blower is backed up by our unmatched three-year warranty.

Key System Features

The compact design and layout of the system means that it can be easily located in existing train washing set-ups.

All-Weather Capability

Our Train Drying Systems feature robust industrial blower enclosures with fixed pipework and mountings. Constructed from stainless and galvanised steel, the system can operate 24/7 in a wide range of weather conditions.

Energy Efficient Blowers

Designed for optimal energy efficiency, our Train Drying Systems use our PX Series centrifugal blowers that outperform compressed air devices at lower pressure ratings, resulting in up to 12 times lower running costs.

Automatic Operation

TBD features arrival-sensing controls which power the system up and down as needed, keeping operating costs to a minimum and enabling continuous 24-hour operation without on-site operators or driver intervention.

Train Drying System – A reliable, low-maintenance solution.

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