Quality-assured electronics drying solutions

Air Knife Systems are powerful, energy-saving solutions that remove 99%+ of all moisture, dust and debris from electronic products, such as microchips, cells, wiring, phones, computers, TVs and other electronics parts and goods.

Fully adaptable and flexible, Air Knife Systems can be added to existing electronics production lines, come in a range of sizes, and can be fully or partially enclosed, depending on the needs of the different applications.

Providing ultra-clean air

Air Knife Systems provide a full range of benefits for electronics production lines, including:

  • Removes 99%+ of moisture, dust and debris from the surface of components
  • High power “ultra-clean air” and multi-stage filters
  • Ensures the integrity of clean rooms 
  • Removes static electricity from plastic, glass, paper and other non-conductive objects
  • Enclosures and drip trays available to ensure the operating area stays clean
  • Drys insulated wires, for example after cooling
  • FDA Compliant 304 Stainless Steel air knives and manifolds suitable for harsh, corrosive and sanitary environments

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Circular 360 airstreams for wires/cabling

Air Knife Systems are available in a variety of configurations, including circular air knives which provide full 360 degree drying and prevention of moisture contamination on cables and wires.

Investment paybacks are often achieved in just a few months, sometimes in a matter of weeks, providing a superior return-on-investment.

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