Static Removal & Neutralisation

Air Knife Systems generate ionised air that removes static, meaning dust and debris is unable to stick to surfaces and contaminate objects.

Ionised air streams are beneficial for the cleaning of packages after packaging dusty materials, as they not only remove dust from the surface of the packaging, but also ensure the removal of static, and so prevent particulates from adhering to products.

SolvAirs range of packaged solutions are specifically designed to satisfy the demands of modern production lines.


Air Knife Systems provide a wide diversity of benefits for food production processes.

  • Generates ionized air that eliminates static from the interior and exterior of objects
  • Prevents contamination, for example with filling/packaging
  • Prevents dust and particles sticking to the surface of objects, essential for hygiene, food and beverage regulations, sterile environments
  • Removes static electricity from plastic, paper, glass and other non-conductive materials
  • Static elimination and cleaning of the interior or exterior of cans and bottles; metal sheets; parts or materials before powder coating or painting
  • Cleaning of packages after packaging of dusty materials through static control and elimination

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Protect sensitive objects with ionized air

Air Knife Systems generate energy-efficient air streams that are powerful enough to remove 99% of dust, debris and particles from the surface of objects and maintain sterile environments, whilst not damaging delicate objects, such as electronics and Photovoltaic cells.

Investment paybacks are often achieved in just a few months, sometimes in a matter of weeks, providing a superior return-on-investment.

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