Energy-Efficient Air Knife Systems

Highly effective cleaning, drying, blow-off and liquid control for a wide range of industrial applications.
  • 100% Performance Guarantee
  • Reduce Your Energy Costs
  • Improve & Increase Your Production
  • 3 Year Warranty As Standard
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Air Knife System Products

We specialise in innovative design and installation of Air Knife Systems, customised to meet the specific needs of our clients. SolvAir supply, design, install and maintain a wide range of Air Knives, Air Manifolds and Nozzles to fit a wide range of applications and products.

Air Knives

Flexible and bespoke configurations of Air Knives and Nozzle Manifolds for high performance drying, blow-off and cleaning. We also offer unique customisations to meet your targets as needed.
Air Knives & Devices

Centrifugal Blowers

Enhanced performance and energy efficiency. Includes variable output, auto-tension belt drives, super precision bearings, excellent life span - plus our industry-leading three year warranty.
Centrifugal Blowers

Air Knife Systems

We specialise in innovative design, installation and maintenance of Air Knife Systems that provide highly effective cleaning, drying, blow-off and liquid control for a wide range of industrial applications.
Air Knife Systems

Air Knife Accessories

Full range of accessories that work with our blowers and Air Knives to ensure a quality solution for your factory. Better performance, fewer production line fails, increased energy savings.
Air Knife Accessories

3 Year Warranty

Our industry-leading 3-year warranty comes as standard our full range of energy-efficient PX Centrifugal Air Knife Blowers read more.

Air Knife Applications


Ultra-clean, oil and moisture free air, capable of delivering ionised air that removes 99% of dust and debris.


Air cooling is quick and effective, eliminating moisture damage and corrosion following heat processing.


Laminar air flows that quickly and effectively dry objects following washing and water processes.

Liquid (Water) Blow-Off

High-velocity air streams capable of removing 99%+ of water droplets from the surface of objects.


Remove different weight objects such as separating cardboard, plastic or metals during recycling.


Ensure even coatings on food, such as oil, batter, chocolate, as well as adhesives on materials.

Air Knife Industries

Our Air Systems are engineered for a variety of applications and are suitable for a wide range of industries. By combining the latest centrifugal blowers with custom engineered air delivery devices, we ensure our Air Systems always perform to the highest standards.


Highly effective surface preparation, including static removal, that ensures parts are prepped for painting and other automotive applications.


Prevents crown, cap and bottle top corrosion. Effective drying, cleaning and blow-off for bottles, cans, cardboard and other containers.


Flexible drying, cleaning and blow-off suitable for processing fresh, frozen, cooked and chilled food produce. Guaranteed food-safe production line.

Heavy Industries

High-velocity air flows powerful enough to remove cleaning agents, sealants, powders and oil from the surface of objects.


Effective surface preparation prior to coding, marking, painting or coating. Able to provide vacuum hold-down for wood, metal and fabrics.

Rubber & Plastics

Suitable for processing vinyl, PVC, plastic sheets/films, extrusion lines, ensuring no moisture contamination or corrosion occurs.

About SolvAir

SolvAir is a global supplier of Air Knives, Blowers and Drying Systems.

We specialise in the design and installation and supply of innovative Air Knife Systems. Our worldwide distribution and supply network is supported by our customer service department based in the UK.

As Air Flow Systems experts, we have refined today’s Air Knife designs for “precision drying”, including coating control, air curtains, removing dust and unwanted materials, as well as many other valuable applications.

Our team of specialists work with you to advise, design and install your system, customising it to your exact requirements. We ensure that you see results from day one – including in your productivity and energy use.

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Paxton Distributors

We are the European Sales and Service Centre for Paxton Products – leading pioneers in Air Knives and high-flow Centrifugal Blower development.

For over 50 years, Paxton Products has provided superior products, unmatched engineering expertise and an industry-best warranty with a 100% performance guarantee.

Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, Paxton Products is part of the globally recognized Illinois Tool Works (ITW), a Fortune 200 company located in Chicago, Illinois.

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Bespoke Air Knife Solutions

At SolvAir, we work with you to identify systems that benefit your business.

We thoroughly assess your production line, diagnosing all areas for change – from small modifications to radical innovations – and provide you with the complete range of options. Our expertise ensures you achieve improvements in your outputs, budget and energy efficiency targets.

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Our Resources

How Air Knife Systems Work

Air Knives are often the most efficient and effective method of removing or controlling foreign substances for any surface.

Most Air Knives are stationary with products passing through them on a conveyor however there are also systems where the product is stationery and the Air Knives move around it.

Compressed Air vs Air Blowers

Air Blowers and compressed air machines are the two main devices used by manufacturers to create high-speed air streams for industrial use.

The main difference between compressors and blowers is the pressure ratio. Compressors operate at a high-pressure ratio, and blowers a low-pressure ratio.

How Air Blowers Work

Air Blowers are devices designed to take in air at an inlet, and expel it at an outlet, whilst increasing both the speed and the volume of air.

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