The most effective production line add-on

Air Knife Systems provide cleaning, drying and blow-off for the full range of objects and materials processed by heavy industry.

Air Knife Systems are suitable for a range of applications for heavy industry, including removal of metal, wood, dust, powder, oil debris from objects, surface preparation for pre-and post-paint work, and removal of static. They are available in a range of sizes and types, can be added on to existing production lines easily, and can be fully or partially enclosed to minimise contamination and noise as needed.

Powerful, surface-adhering air streams

Air Knife Systems provide a full range of benefits for heavy industry, including:

  • Removes 99%+ metal/wood debris, cleaning agents, sealants, oils and powder from the surface of objects
  • Can provide “spot” drying, cleaning and blow-off
  • Delivers clean, dry, oil-free air
  • Adaptable to a range of line speeds and types of conveyor
  • FDA Compliant 304 Stainless Steel air knives and manifolds suitable for harsh, corrosive, wash-down and sanitary/food-safe environments
  • Provides effective and fast drying after painting, coating, and shrink labelling
  • Pneumatic conveying/sorting of components, including plastics and metal parts
  • Removes static electricity from objects
  • Removes swarf
  • Creates vacuum “hold down” for fabrics, metals and wood products

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Energy, time and cost saving

Air Knife Systems provide energy savings, especially when used for large-scale applications, for example using between 80% less air than compressed air systems.

Investment paybacks are often achieved in just a few months, sometimes in a matter of weeks, providing a superior return-on-investment.

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