Providing superior filtration for sensitive applications, or applications requiring strict hygiene controls.


Providing superior filtration for sensitive applications, or applications requiring strict hygiene controls.

Blower Inlet Filter

Blower Inlet Filters are integral to ensuring your blower is protected from contamination, which can be very harmful and can reduce blower life.
Our Blower Inlet Filters provide two-stage filtration, with an outer washable mesh which traps larger particulates and an inner reinforced polyester media which provides moisture and oil resistance.

Together, they significantly extend the lifespan of your blower, and are high-performance, meaning you’ll need fewer filter changes than with traditional inlet filters.

As well as this, Blower Inlet Filters are key in reducing blower noise, and ours come with a silencer which can reduce noise levels by 3 dBA, as well as reducing vibration, improving blower performance.

  • Superior Filtration
  • Extended Service Life
  • Cut maintenance costs with reduced filter change frequency
  • Hydrophobic, oil-resistant material
  • High flow, high-efficiency design
  • Outperforms other filters
  • Corrosion-resistant durable construction using powder-coated galvanized steel

All filter assemblies are supplied with a connector sleeve.

Our original Paxton filter silencer provides the following benefits:

  • Reduce noise levels by 3 dBA
  • Reduces vibration to improve blower performance
  • Improved design preserves integrity of the media and reduces pressure drop

Inline Filter (HEPA)

We provide HEPA filtration add-ons for our blowers. Filtration is suitable for sensitive applications, or applications requiring strict hygiene controls, such as when blowing air directly onto food.

As well as providing superior filtration, our HEPA filtration add-ons provide additional benefits, such as:

  • Housings to minimise pressure drops which can be caused by filtration.
  • Ensures optimum air power still reaches the target application, even with superior filtration.
  • Extending the service life of blowers.

Our filtration housing is easy to install, remove and maintain. It also comes with gauges to measure the output pressure of the blower, as well as the pressure drop across the filter, therefore providing indicators for performance and maintenance.

For air flows that exceed 1000cfm, we recommend two air filters be installed which filter 50% fo the total air flow each. Our filtration housings mean that pressure drops in this system are minimised and optimum performance is maintained.

Enclosure Pre-Filter

Our Enclosure pre-filters come with high-performance hydrophobic inlet air pre-filter grade M5 filters.

Quick and easy to remove, our Enclosure Pre-Filters are reusable and protect blowers from harsh, corrosive and wet environments whilst also minimising the sound produced by the blower.

Want more details on our filtration options?

To discuss options for your specific requirements, or for any queries on our range of filtration devices, please call us, email us at, or contact us now and one of our team will be in touch within 24 hours.

Benefits of a SolvAir Air Knife System

Improved production line performance, low maintenance, energy and cost-saving Air Knife Systems that can be easily added onto production lines and adapted to meet your needs. All SolvAir Air Knife systems uniquely provide the following key benefits:

3 Year Warranty

Industry-leading 3 year warranty is included as standard on all our energy-efficient, enhanced performance, cost-saving Air Knife Blowers.

100% Performance Guarantee

We offer a 100% Performance Guarantee for all SolvAir Air Knife Systems. This means that you can be sure your System is running to the highest performance.

33% Energy Reductions

Our Air Knife Systems use 80% less energy than compressed air systems and will give you around 33% cost savings compared to competing systems.