Efficient Cooling

Air Knife Systems provide stand-alone cooling for objects, even at the highest oven temperatures, without the need for additional refrigeration, liquid or fan cooling. Their high-velocity, highly-controllable air curtain is effective for large objects, and can speed up production lines by minimising wait and downtime.


Air Knife Systems provide a wide diversity of benefits for food production processes.

  • More effective cooling than liquid quench/low velocity fans, for example following oven processing
  • Rapid air cooling stabilises structures quickly, ensuring the integrity of objects
  • Reduces time on the conveyor
  • Ensures objects are quickly suitable for follow on applications, such as packaging
  • Ensures safe manual handling

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Energy Efficient

Air Knife Systems used 80% less air than compressed air systems, meaning cost and energy savings from the start. They are flexible solutions and can be adapted for different objects on the same conveyor belt.

Investment paybacks are often achieved in just a few months, sometimes in a matter of weeks, providing a superior return-on-investment.

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