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SolvAir were contacted by Saica who were experiencing downtime in their production facility through waste material not being effectively removed and blocking their system. We worked with them to devise a new blower system that was added to their new BOBST Rotary Die Cutter machine within their existing facility.

“We were delighted to deliver a system which met all of the clients requirements and had a wide reaching positive impact on their processes and business.”

Chris Davies

SolvAir CEO


In summary there were 3 reasons:

  1. Eliminate waste material from the final product
  2. Eliminate waste carryover to reduce machine maintenance interruptions
  3. Keep sensors clear to ensure consistent readings

Saica had issues with waste material build up in their existing system, resulting in blockages preventing continuous machine operation, as well as sensor interference, meaning disruption to business.

When we started working with the client, we noted that their existing system manages cardboard at various stages – for example, cutting cardboard in the die cutter, then moving it to the stripping section. At points the waste cardboard was removed automatically, for example after the stipping section the machine shakes the cardboard profiles to remove waste material.

However, their system for waste removal was not 100% effective, meaning that some waste was still passing through into the next section of the BOBST machine, causing a build up. Ultimately, this meant that the client had had to stop production, whilst an operative manually cleaned the inside of the machine. This was both time consuming as well as hugely disruptive to production.

In addition, the client wanted to add individual nozzles to deflect waste away from 8 photocell sensors within the machine. Colleagues from another site in the UK had made the client aware that these sensors were vulnerable to waste material blocking their view, and so could affect machine performance by signalling false alarms.


SolvAir proposed the introduction of a strategically placed “air curtain” in the existing set up.

We installed a single 2800mm long dual inlet Air Knife that created an air barrier at the exit of the stripping section. The Air Knife was positioned to deflect backwards any loose waste material that was travelling with the cardboard profiles, with the aim of preventing as much waste as possible from existing the stripping section.

To prevent false alarms occurring as a result of water material interfering with photocell sensors, we added 8 individual nozzles, based on our SV10 design. A custom profiled 38mm SST tube was also designed to suit the very limited space.

Our design therefore also ensured that the photocell sensors were protected from any waste material interfering with their functioning.

Outcome & Benefits

Our system therefore ensured that waste was minimised, and no false alarms were triggered by sensors as a result of waste material interfering with the functioning of the system.

Our system also had additional benefits for the client.

As our client’s BOBST machine had numerous moving parts allowing access for maintenance and changing settings between varying production part designs, we made sure that our system featured flexible connections to not inhibit this access for maintenance. We therefore installed the Air Knife in a fixed position, with the 8 nozzles including flexible connections, as well as ensuring the connections between the blowers and the air devices all had flexible sections.

As well as this, we fully integrated our system onto the existing BOBST machine – including the controls. Our 2800mm long air knife was connected to a Paxton AT1200 15kW blower, and the 8 nozzles connected to a Paxton XT500 4.0kW blower.

Both blowers were frequency controlled by an electrical system supplied by the client, as well as being integrated into the BOBST system controls.


SolvAir’s installation succeeded in working with the client’s existing BOBST machine to reduce waste material, and prevent waste interfering with machine performance.

The client noted immediately on installation that trim levels had dramatically improved.

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