Electronic Components Manufacturing

Electronic Components Manufacturing

Electronic Components Manufacturing

Northampton, UK

Drying system for mobile antenna parts after rinsing process


Manual drying using a compressed air nozzle. High energy use. Labour intensive. Inconsistant results from one operator to another.


1 x Paxton AT700 7.5Kw high speed blower was installed connected to 2 side Air Knives. Air Knives moved up & down on mechanism.

Outcome & Benefits

  • Improved & consistent drying
  • Automatic process – no labour required
  • Eliminated compressed air use resulting in energy savings

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Industrial & Electronics

Drying, blow-off, cleaning and static neutralisation solutions for manufacturing plants, from heavy industry to more delicate medical or electronic parts.

  • Delivers clean, dry, oil-free air
  • Speed, efficiency and reliable performance
  • No water spots or related problems
  • Moisture and corrosion prevention
  • Adaptable to various line speeds or conveyor type
  • Hardened and durable stainless steel air knives & nozzle manifolds

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About SolvAir

SolvAir is a global supplier of Air Knives, Blowers and Drying Systems.

We specialise in the design and installation and supply of innovative Air Knife Systems. Our worldwide distribution and supply network is supported by our customer service department based in the UK.

As Air Flow Systems experts, we have refined today’s Air Knife designs for “precision drying”, including coating control, air curtains, removing dust and unwanted materials, as well as many other valuable applications.

Our team of specialists work with you to advise, design and install your system, customising it to your exact requirements. We ensure that you see results from day one – including in your productivity and energy use.

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