Quality-Assured Bottles/Cans for Breweries

Air Knife Systems dry, clean and blow-of 99%+ of debris from bottles and cans of all shapes and sizes, and are suitable for breweries of all sizes.

Air Knife Systems ensure that all bottle and can surfaces are clean and dry prior to labelling, meaning reduced disruption, downtime and spoiled products. The high-velocity, highly-controllable airstreams can be ionised to remove static from the interior and exterior of bottles and cans.

Adaptable, multi-application use on the same production line

Air Knife Systems provide a full range of benefits for breweries lines, including:

  • Removes 99%+ of moisture, dust and debris from the surface of bottles, cans, caps and lids
  • Ensures the quality of labels (ensures labels are fully adhesive and placed in the correct location)
  • FDA Compliant 304 Stainless Steel air knives and manifolds suitable for harsh, corrosive, wash-down or sanitary environments
  • Can be easily installed onto existing production lines
  • Prevents water corrosion and water marks on packaging and crown caps
  • Suitable for breweries, including low volume production craft breweries & wineries
  • Speeds up production lines with energy efficient, clean air

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Energy, cost and time saving

Energy-efficient, industry-leading, 3 year warranty blowers provide the highest standards of air-flow whilst using 80% less air than compressed air systems. Air Knife Systems also require less downtime, energy and maintenance than water-based or compressed air systems.

Investment paybacks are often achieved in just a few months, sometimes in a matter of weeks, providing a superior return-on-investment.

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