Precision-engineered Air Knives & Nozzles.

Our Air Knife systems utilise high-velocity, laminar airflows generated by energy-efficient high-performance centrifugal blowers with precision-engineered Air Knives or Nozzles to create air jets suitable for a wide range of industrial purposes.

Typical applications for our Indsutrial Air Devices include drying, cooling, blow-off, coating control, vacuum pressing, and their ultra-clean, ionised air makes them suitable for a wide range of industries.

Eliminate contamination, corrosion & blockages on production lines:

  • Flexible and bespoke configurations of Air Knives and Nozzle Manifolds for high performance
  • Unique Air Device customisations to meet your requirement as required
  • High-performance drying, blow-off and cleaning applications
  • Improve production – and save time and energy
  • Remove liquids
  • Control the thickness of liquids
  • Dry liquid coatings
  • Remove foreign particles
  • Cool product surfaces
  • Create a hold down force to assist in the mechanical bonding of materials to the surface