Bespoke Solutions

Our expertise. Your targets achieved.

Bespoke Solutions

Our expertise. Your targets achieved.

Our Bespoke Services

We work with our clients to identify systems that will benefit your business. We thoroughly assess your production line, diagnosing all areas for change – from small modifications to radical innovations – and provide you with the complete range of options.

Our expertise ensures your systems see improvements in your outputs, budget and energy efficiency targets.

We know how to identify small actions that can create huge impacts. Our in-house team of experts work with you to ensure you achieve the best results for your business. Our diagnostic approach means no aspect of your production line is overlooked and no opportunities are missed.

Industry Experts

At SolvAir we guarantee that the products and services you buy from us completely match your requirements and expectations. We offer complete solutions, with added value, that can be put into operation immediately. From design and installation to ongoing maintenance and servicing, we ensure operation to the highest standards. Our expertise and customer service is why SolvAir continues to be an industry-leader.

Bespoke Customer Service

Our first priority is to understand your facilities, processes, challenges and aims – our approach is mechatronic. We analyse your entire set-up, identifying the opportunities, risks and solutions for you in a full report, including a quotation in line with your budget. As part of our service we provide training for all staff who will be supervising your installation once in place.

Continuity and Security

We fully appreciate that the production process is crucial to your business success. All your efforts are geared towards two important pillars: continuity and operational security. We thoroughly test your new system before installation, capitalising on the knowledge and experience from all our projects and the latest innovations developed in our facility.

True Efficiency

As Air Knife experts we know that small details are key when designing truly energy efficient systems. Our bespoke services provide you with customisation as required – from subtle changes in existing products to fully bespoke solutions – all designed in line with your targets. We ensure that our bespoke solutions provide added value for the lifetime of your installation.

More Information?

To discuss how we can help improve your business please call us, email us at, or contact us now and one of our team will be in touch within 24 hours.

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The main difference between compressors and blowers is the pressure ratio. Compressors operate at a high-pressure ratio, and blowers a low-pressure ratio.

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