SolvAir's Apprentice Jordan Becomes Production Engineer

SolvAir celebrates as Jordan Fisk completes his Lean Manufacturing Operations apprenticeship with distinction and joins full-time as Production Engineer.

Congratulations Jordan!

The team at SolvAir are delighted to congratulate Jordan Fisk, our Engineering Apprentice, who has now successfully completed his Apprenticeship in Lean Manufacturing Operations.

During his apprenticeship, Jordan has been an invaluable asset to our team. Chris, Managing Director, said;

"I would like to share the great news that Jordan has now successfully completed his Apprenticeship. Not only has he finished but he has gained the highest grade with a Distinction. Well done Jordan!"
Chris Davies | CEO

At SolvAir, Jordan worked particularly closely with our production engineer to gain hands-on experience across areas such as manufacturing, testing, and quality control. His journey through his apprenticeship has been an outstanding achievement. Jordan's practical skills and theoretical knowledge significantly contributed to SolvAir's ongoing projects, as well as contributing to high standards and efficiency in our operations.

This remarkable accomplishment not only highlights Jordan's hard work and dedication, but also underscores how well he has integrated at SolvAir. We are pleased to announce that Jordan has now been employed full-time as a Production Engineer, a testament to his exceptional performance and valuable contributions to our team.

Well done, Jordan!

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