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Plastics pollution is a critical global environmental issue. How to minimise plastic loss and keep plastic pellets (nurdles) from spilling into the environment is a key problem for the logistics industry.

The leading system for plastic pellet (nurdle) removal

SolvAir’s Truck Blow-Off System (TBOS) has been specifically designed to eliminate plastic spillage from transport. Now fully tested and operational, TBOS removes 90%+ of plastic pellets from surfaces and transport. As well as this, TBOS is engineered to easily integrate with bulk material distribution sites, removing spillage from trucks before leaving the terminals.

TBOS fully meets environmental best practice as set out in Operation Clean Sweep® (OCS) guidelines and is the leading system for plastic pellet (nurdle) removal from transport.

Large-Scale Installation

TBOS has now completed one year of large-scale testing on-site at a major European port logistics and bulk material distribution location. 12 TBOS systems are now installed and fully operational.

This large-scale test was designed to ensure that TBOS performs in extreme conditions - clearing up to 50kgs of plastic spillage in wet weather per trailer. Following rigorous testing on-site and (CFD) simulation at Cranfield's Centre for Propulsion Engineering research facility, this target has been achieved, and now provides the basis for all TBOS installations.

How does TBOS Work?

TBOS uses high-speed blowers to sweep the outer surface of transport, removing all plastic pellets, flakes and powders. When activated by the arrival of a vehicle, the system emits a powerful airstream in excess of 700 KPH at the nozzle aperture. This removes plastic pellets and residue from the truck, depositing it onto the surrounding floor area where it can be easily cleaned.

What is unique about TBOS?

TBOS is designed to seamlessly integrate into existing sites, with zero impact in regards to on-site logistics - meaning no manpower is needed to run it, no disruption is caused to ongoing operations, and no water or wash-down is required. Once in place, trucks only have to drive through TBOS to start the blow-off process, and it will run effectively in all types of weather.

TBOS is an "off the shelf" solution, meaning it is ready to be installed at any site now.

About SolvAir

SolvAir are signatories to Operation Clean Sweep® (OCS). TBOS has been designed and tested to fully meet OCS standards. At SolvAir, we have decades of experience in engineering innovative air solutions, as well as more than 2000 satisfied customers in over 40 countries.

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