Custom solutions for the design and installation of Air Knife Systems

At SolvAir we know that customers’ needs vary. That’s why we provide a truly bespoke service for design and installation of industrial Air Knife systems.

Right-sized bespoke solutions for Air Knife blower design & installation

Successful Air Knife blower design and installation is not about trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. It’s about specifying and deploying a practical, cost-effective solution that delivers effective, efficient cleaning, drying, blow-off and liquid control, while integrating seamlessly with your production processes.

At SolvAir we’re experts in industrial Air Knife technology. We specialise in providing customers with a complete Air Knife blower design and installation service, from system specification and testing to deployment and ongoing maintenance support.

Starting with an open mind

We know that there are many different types of applications for Air Knife technology, from food and beverage processing to automotive and electronic components manufacturing.

That’s why we never make assumptions or look for off-the-shelf solutions. We’ll work closely with you right from the start, taking the time to understand your business, define your aims, review your current systems and look for cost-effective improvements which can streamline your production line, achieving enhanced productivity and improved cost efficiency.

When we’re satisfied that we’ve done all the groundwork, we’ll provide you with a detailed proposal, showing potential modifications to your production line to incorporate high-performance Air Knives, powered by energy-efficient centrifugal blowers.

What’s more, we don’t just install the system and leave it at that. We also provide on-site optimization as well as training for your production management staff and valuable ongoing technical support if required.

From car parts to ceramic tiles

Our many satisfied customers speak for themselves. We’ve supplied Air Knife and blower systems to over 2000 manufacturing and processing businesses across the world, including big-name brands such as Bosch, Airbus and Samsung.

Applications include removal of waste material in the manufacturing of food packaging, a drying system for car parts following the washing process, and dust removal from ceramic tiles.

We always think imaginatively to deliver innovative solutions. For example, we helped a French culinary herb producer process a range of different products of varying sizes on the same production line.

We used high-impact linear Air Knives and a Paxton AT700 5.5kW high-speed centrifugal blower, housed within an acoustically-lined enclosure and located above the production line. We also deployed 500mm long size knives for bottle drying and 494mm Air Knives for bulk bags. All of these were located within a single enclosure on the same production line for optimum operational efficiency and cost effectiveness.

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At the leading edge of engineering research

We’re constantly striving to innovate in the field of engineered air technologies, including Air Knife blower design and installation.

We’re proud to have a productive association with Cranfield University, a world-class centre for research and development in industrial and commercial technology. In 2019 we launched a joint project with academics based in Cranfield’s Centre for Propulsion Engineering, focusing on a detailed review of our air devices.

We’ve also collaborated to run a series of tests and simulations on the SoloJet Air Nozzle used in our industry-leading Truck Blow-off System (TBOS) and Train Drying Systems (TDS).

Bespoke Air Knife Systems?

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