Energy efficiency is at the heart of every SolvAir Air Knife System. Our Circular Air Knives are widely used for cable/tube drying applications and for plastics/rubber extrusion lines where they effectively remove water after cooling baths. Following on from this we are excited to announce we have launched a new design. Our range of Circular Air Knives are designed for use with high pressure blowers rather than costly compressed air and can be used to remove coolants from the surfaces of formed/pressed sections and profiles.

Our new design features:

  • An adjustable Air Knife gap 0.5mm up to 2.0mm.
  • A standard range of internal diameters 25mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm & 150mm. Custom sizes available on request. We have produced Circular Air Knives upto 450mm diameter.
  • Produced from Stainless steel.
  • A high Quality machined component.
  • Can be produced is two separate halves when required. This can be necessary for cable drying to simplify the loading process.

Suitable Applications:

  • Cable & Wire Drying
  • Plastic Tube Drying
  • Plastic / Rubber Extrusion Drying
  • Steel /Metal Tube Drying
  • Rubber Tube Drying
  • Metal Profile Drying

For more information please contact us.