SolvAir – Using Air to Solve Problems

Air Knives

Paxton Air Knives are FDA compliant, and feature exclusive designs in anodized, extruded aluminum, or rugged stainless steel.

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Paxton centrifugal blowers deliver unparalleled efficiency and reliability for demanding industrial and process applications.

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Compact, affordable and versatile the PowerDry™ system offers 80+% lower energy costs through reduced compressed air usage.

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Ionized Air Systems

The Ionized Air Blower System by Paxton Products efficiently removes particulates, dust and contaminants using powerful ionization coupled with Paxton’s industry-leading centrifugal blowers and air delivery systems.

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We offer an extensive range of accessories to compliment our blowers and air knives resulting in a quality turnkey solution for your factory.

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Aria-Pak Blowers

Our economy range of blowers for the smaller applications. Ideally suited to single air knives less than 300mm long or upto 3 nozzles.

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Packaging Drying Systems

High efficiency solutions for bottles, cans, jars and other packaging concepts. Complete solutions easily integrated into new or existing production lines.

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How Air Knives Work

Air Knives are simple and highly efficient devices for drying and cleaning products.

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