Did you know that Air Knife Drying Systems can be 80% more efficient than compressed air solutions?One of the greatest costs of compressed air is down to the amount of energy these solutions consume. As published by a leading compressor supplier, a single 3mm (1/8“) diameter hole consumes energy costing approximately £3,260.00 GBP (€3,800.00 EURO), per year. Furthermore, of the total energy supplied to a compressor, only as little as 8-10% may be converted into useful energy that can actually work to the point of use (Carbon Trust).

In contrast, Air Knife Drying Systems achieve good rates of air flow and air velocity and outperform compressed air solutions in terms of useful energy and efficiency. The air flow levels seen in SolvAir blower systems cannot be matched, and when combining them with the impressive exit air velocities from our range of Air Knives which sometimes reach 200m/sec, our systems are the highest performing choice when considering energy efficiency and results achieved.

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