How good are Paxton products? See for yourself!

Paxton now have their own YouTube Channel which they are populating with videos of their products. This means you will now be able to browse a range of Paxton products and see them in action for yourself, such as with their benchmark Air Knife Drying System which is shown drying a wide range of products in separate videos.

This initiative is part of Paxton’s larger marketing strategy to promote and market their products via the web. As well as videos, case studies are planned to be added to give the most detailed specification of the product you are watching. More videos are being added all the time and are providing an effective way for potential purchasers to see the huge benifit Air Knifes can bring to their drying systems.

Youtube Links

Main Paxton Channel

Paxton History/Intro Video

Soup Can

Bottle Drying

Cheese Drying

Fruit Drying

Meat Drying

Soda Can Drying

Water Bottle Drying
For more details of how a SolvAir & Paxton Air Knife System can help your business please contact us.