Air Blade Nozzles

Air Blade Nozzles For Production Lines

Air Blade Nozzles are plastic attachments which can be used with Air Blowing & Drying Systems on production and conveyor belt lines.

Air Blade Nozzles are used by a wide range of industries and applications, often for drying or cleaning the surface of products, as well as blowing-off water, dust and debris.

Typical Plastic Air Blade Nozzle
Cheap Compressed Air Nozzles Come With High Energy Costs

Compressed Air Knives & Nozzles

Air Blade Nozzles & Knives are often used with compressed air, and so are easily used in factories where compressed air systems are already installed and generating air for industrial applications.

The benefits of Air Blade Nozzles are that they are cheap to buy, primarily because they are made of plastic, and easy to install as the compressed air systems and pipework are already in-place.

However, running air-streams with compressed air makes them very expensive to operate in the long term.

“Of the total energy supplied to a compressor, as little as 8-10% may be converted into useful energy that can do work at the point of use. This makes it a very expensive for of energy” – Carbon Trust

The True Cost of Cheap Fan Nozzles, Cone Nozzles & Pipes

If you are currently using Blade Nozzles, Fan Nozzles or DIY constructed devices such as open ended pipes, flattened pipes or pipes with hold drilled into them with compressed air, this likely means that your blow-off system is wasting both money and energy.

Reduce Compressed Air Energy Usage By 80%

The Carbon Trust estimates that of the total energy supplied to a compressor, only 8-10% may be converted into useful energy, meaning compressed air is a very expensive way of generating air. In comparison, air blowers that weigh less than 15kg are capable of producing air flows to 2,050 cubic metres per hour and pressure to 250 millibar, reducing energy usage when compared to compressed air systems by up to 80%.

“Compressed air is generated using electricity. Moreover, the fact is that its generation is equivalent to about 10% of industry’s total electricity usage, rising to 30% in some sectors, highlights why companies have compelling reasons to investigate the potential for energy saving in this area”

– Leading Manufacturer of Motor Control and Power Conversion Technologies

Huge Energy & Cost Savings

As compressed-air systems use over 12 times as much energy, compared to a comparable air blower system - the annual energy savings on a single 24hr system can be more than £16,000!

Intermittent vs Continuous Air Flow

The compressed air systems that typically use Air Blade Nozzles & Knives should only be used with intermittent air flow. However, if your system is required to run continuously, or semi-continuously, then compressed air is expensive and inefficient to use.

Intermittent Industrial Air Streams

If your requirements are for intermittent air streams, then compressed air can be a good solution. Compressed air systems tend to be more controllable than blower systems, and, for example, if you only need a 5 second blow-off every minute then compressed air systems can be used with a solenoid valve to start and stop the air supply. Air Blade Nozzles can therefore be a cheap and fairly effective solution therefore if used with intermittent compressed air systems.

Continuous Industrial Air Streams

If you are currently using continuous or semi-continuous compressed air based air blow off systems with Air Blade Nozzles, and you are looking for an effective, efficient system that meets environmental goals and gives you a significant return on investment (ROI), it would be worth considering an Air Knife Blower System instead.

Energy Efficient Blowers For Low Carbon Guidelines

In the vast majority of use cases, Air Blade Nozzles can, and should, be replaced with an energy-efficient Air Blower and Air Knife system. Air Knife Blower systems are more cost and energy efficient long term than compressed air systems, and are environmentally friendly, meeting low carbon guidelines and helping align your company to a net zero economy.

Industrial Centrifugal Blowers For High Efficiency

SolvAir Centrifugal Air Blowers for example are energy efficient, cost-saving and powerful. Our PX Series Air Knife Blower has an 11kw motor, but generates as much airflow as a standard 15kw blower. All our blowers come with a 3 year warranty, require lower maintenance and have a longer service life than compressed air systems.

Our blowers are also available with a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) that provides simple and accurate blower control, allowing you to adjust the performance, and energy usage, to accurately meet your requirements.

Paxton Centrifugal Blower with an integrated VFD
SolvAir PX1550 Air Blower

PX Series Air Knife Blower

  • Ultra High Performance Centrifugal Blower
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Belt Driven with Automatic Tensioner
  • Unmatched efficiency, power & reliability
  • 11kw motor generates as much air flow as standard 15kw blower
  • Longer Service Life & Lower Maintenance

Free Air Blower System - Onsite Testing

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