3-Year Warranty

We provide an industry-leading 3-Year warranty on our blowers.

This warranty covers the Paxton PX-Series, AT-Series and XT-series blowers, as well as the XT-300 PowerDry blower. This warranty protects your blower against defects in the materials and workmanship, providing your blower has been installed and maintained in line with Paxton’s requirements. If repair is not possible during this period, your blower will be replaced. For full details or to discuss, please contact us.

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100% Performance Guarantee

Benefits of a SolvAir Air Knife System

Improved production line performance, low maintenance, energy and cost-saving Air Knife Systems that can be easily added onto production lines and adapted to meet your needs. All SolvAir Air Knife systems uniquely provide the following key benefits:

3 Year Warranty

Industry-leading 3 year warranty is included as standard on all our energy-efficient, enhanced performance, cost-saving Air Knife Blowers.

100% Performance Guarantee

We offer a 100% Performance Guarantee for all SolvAir Air Knife Systems. This means that you can be sure your System is running to the highest performance.

33% Energy Reductions

Our Air Knife Systems use 80% less energy than compressed air systems and will give you around 33% cost savings compared to competing systems.